What Is Acne & Why Do You Have It?

Acne is the most common in teenagers and adults, both stages in life where the body undergoes significant changes. Acne can also be treated, but it's vital to understand the main cause of the problem and then to proceed with remedies. What is Acne? It's an inflammatory reaction which arises due to distress, heat, uncomfortable digestive bowel, hormonal changes (due to body changes like adolescence or pregnancy), greater oil production (common for those who have oily skin), and chemical transfer. t is of two different types: Inflammatory (whitehead/pustule/papule, cyst, nodule) Non-inflammatory (blackhead) When you begin having acne issues , it is essential to get your skin tested. Consult a dermatologist to tackle the problem before you get the urge to pop and cause a chain reaction. Inflammatory acne is very sensitive and needs to be given the utmost care to avoid scarring. This is when the concerned pore area is closed and clogged by germs, dea